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Books Published by Imagination Press


A hybrid collection of poems, a short story, and its ballet script. A work in progress of my own work.

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Dance Poems Vol. III

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Allegro & Adagio

Dance Poems Vol. II

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Amore: Love Poems

Now Available for Purcahse

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A Collection of Dance Poems

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Five Bridges is a literary anthology by a group of published and award-winning Delaware authors, The TransCanal Writers. Their anthology is a collection of poetry, a short story and an essay. Photographs of the bridges were provided by local photographer, Gordon Hesse. The five chapters that make up the anthology are each named for a bridge along the canal that connects the Delaware River and the Chesapeake Bay. A theme was assigned to each bridge: The Reedy Point Bridge, Muddy Waters; St. George’s Bridge, Rough Waters; Roth Bridge, Undertow; Summit Bridge, Smooth Sailing; Chesapeake City Bridge, Against the Tide.


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