911 Baltimore Avenue



A young black boy


      on his mini BMX


            waves at an old white man


sitting on his stoop.


      Aiming to impress


            The boy pedals fast


into shadows


      on the sidewalk.


            He pulls up on


the handle bars


      the front wheel clipping the lip


            of a crack


in the neighbor’s sidewalk




            by a Sugar Maple root


sixty some years ago.


      He pulls up again


            the back wheel


clips the lip of the crack


      launching him airborne


            into the wake of his inward eye


where both tires clip


      the coping of a fifteen foot ramp,


            throwing him  


into the evening sky


      suspended in grand allégro


            and worlds


further abroad.


      Collectively both tires


            clear to the other side


of the cracked sidewalk.




            on his stoop,


the man smiles as the boy continues


      pedaling down the block


            out of sight,


as if he were exiting stage left. 


"911 Baltimore Avenue" was a finalist in University of Delaware's 1st UD Department of English: Random Acts of Poetry in 2014. 



Also published March 4, 2015 (modified) in -- The City Key  Click Here